Fashion Trends through the Years

Funny Fashion Trends through the Years

It's a fact that fashion trends recycle. Those crazy platform shoes, your mother – maybe even your grandmother – wore? They're back in style! The only difference is that the ones we have today are a little bit less clunky than the ones from decades past. To make it in the fashion world, you need to have the smarts and the savvy to know what works and what doesn't. This is where an online design degree can guide you along that path. While you ponder that, enjoy a list6 of the funniest fashion trends – in no particular order – through the years:

  • Mullets – Yes, the hairstyle that's shorter on the sides and longer in back. Think of the 2001 David Spade movie, “Joe Dirt.” This hairstyle was commonly referred to as “business in front, party in the back.” Men weren't the only ones sporting mullets in their heyday, as some women did, too.
  • Parachute Pants – Rapper M.C. Hammer must have had a closet full of these things. There were the kind that had a million zippers on them and the baggy kind – like Hammer wore – that would allow you to easily hide a 20-pound turkey inside. Either way, they both looked amusing.
  • Shape-Ups – Okay, to be fair, I have a pair of these. However, I did not buy them as a fashion statement. I bought them to wear while I helped my sister remodel her house. I couldn't take all those long hours on my feet without some specialized footwear, and these shoes are definitely comfy! Yet, I am too embarrassed to wear these thick-soled shoes in public. They just look … well … funny.
  • Fanny Packs – Remember when it seemed like there was a fanny pack explosion? This was especially true of those older men who shouldn't have been wearing their shorts with black dress socks or the older women that thought they were hip, but they really weren't. Bottom line: Wear a fanny pack in public and you're sure to get a laugh from someone.
  • Shoulder Pads – Ah, yes. I had a few outfits with the shoulder pads sewn into the garment. When I look back at pictures of myself with enhanced shoulders, all I can do is laugh. Did I really think that looked good?
  • Acid-Washed Jeans – I recently attended a ‘70s party and a few of the guests had on acid-washed jeans. Seeing this fashion statement now after being so used to dark denim jeans is absolutely hilarious. Acid-washed jeans look like something you should be painting in, not wearing in public.
  • Leg Warmers – Honestly? Okay, if you're trying out for a remake of “Flashdance and you've got the whole leotard thing going, leg warmers work – sort of. But, to put them on over your jeans and wear them as a fashion statement –that’s another story entirely.

Okay, so if you, or someone you know fell victim to these funny fashion trends when they were white-hot, you or your friend get a pass. As long as you can clearly see now that they are not acceptable in any way, shape or form, you're good to go. However, if you're the type of person that instinctively knows what goes together and what doesn't, you can find an art degree for a great education. You might even be able to have an influence on fashion trends and make sure they stop being so wacky.


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