ATI Weekend 2012

Aside from the Olympics in London, Jamaica was the place to be this summer!!! From JA's Independence Day to a clean sweep in track and field to their all inclusive party series, I had no choice but to participate. As you know, I went to Smirnoff Dream Weekend last summer. The group of girls I went with wasn't the most cohesive group, but I had fun none the less. This year was a completely different story. I stayed at XTabi resort in Negril on the west end road, so we had to take taxis to the beach road where all the parties were. Luckily, there were also free shuttle buses for ATI/Dream weekenders. I went with my sister, my best friend, and 7 girl cousins plus friends of friends. The ages ranged from 19 to over 30 and we all had a ball. Last year I went to 5 out of 7 parties, but this year I went to all 7. 

Smirnoff Dream Weekend turned in to Dream Week this year stretching over 6 days instead of 4 like last year. So with more days comes more money, as in $235 USD for an all inclusive wristband plus buying your own drinks and food at 2 different parties. As for ATI, the wristband was $160 USD for 7 parties with unlimited food and alcohol and numerous activities. There were body painting stations, mechanical bulls, water slides, water trucks, masquerade masks and beads, you name it. My group was so hot, we had every photographer on us at every party. If you haven't figured it out by now, ATI is an all-inclusive party series that happens every year since 2001. It is held on either Emancipation Weekend or Independence Weekend. 

This year ATI Weekend consisted of 7 parties:

Friday (night) - Naked
Saturday (day) - Wildsides (with a live performance by Konshens) 
Saturday (night) - Colors (with DJ Envy and DJ Norie from Power 105.1)
Sunday (day) - Water Party
Sunday (night) - Stages (with a live performance by Fabolous) 
Monday (day) - Officially Diagnosed
Monday (night) - Full Moon

My rankings for these parties:

1. Officially Diagnosed
2. Wildsides
3. Water Party
4. Naked
5. Colors
6. Full Moon
7. Stages (didn't stay the whole time cuz it poured rain twice and it was freezing) 

If you've never been, book your trip from early. Take it from me, it will be the BEST money you ever spend!!!

Nichole Naomi

At Naked partying with Konshens

Body paint at Wildsides

All White Water Party

Water Party
Officially Diagnosed
Full Moon Mariposa

Nichole Naomi

I am a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, very proud Jamaican American. I am a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies. I am also the CEO of Baseline Cosmetics, where make up meets music.


  1. Outstanding review! Outstanding pictures! You make me want to go either next year or the year after (as a leaving my 20's I'm glad everyone went & had a great time!!!


  2. thanks luv, I had the time of my life