My Current Wash Routine

I have been natural for 3.5 years. The length of my hair sits right at my shoulders. My hair type is 4a, even though I hate hair type-ing. When my hair is not in braid or twist extensions, I wash my hair once a week. The beginning of my hair journey turned me into a product junkie from getting caught up in YouTube videos. Now that I have a few years under my belt, I have staple products that I swear by. They happen to come from As I am, Giovanni, and Keracare Natural Textures.

I wash my hair once a week with As I Am Coconut CoWash. Out of all the shampoos and other cowashes I have used, this makes my hair and scalp feel the best and gives me the best results. A close second I like to use is Cantu Shea Butter CoWash. However, I do not like the As I Am leave in conditioner. It is not thick enough for my hair at all. My staple leave in is Giovanni Direct leave in conditioner. I absolutely love love love this leave in. At times I mix it with coconut oil and run it through my hair.

I have used many, many butters in the past 3 years. My two staples are Keracare Natural Textures Butter cream and As I Am Double Butter cream. I alternate between the two for moisture and styling purposes. I love how they both smell, but I love the scent of As I Am a little more. Now, onto my wash routine:

- divide my hair in to 8-10 twisted sections
- run the cowash through each section, detangle, and retwist
- rinse section by section
- mix the leave in and coconut oil and add to each section
- blow dry each section (if necessary)
- set twists with double butter cream
- tie with satin scarf and go to sleep

My wash, dry, and set time is usually a total of 2 hours. With some music playing it goes by fast. I didn't use heat on my hair in the last 3 years, but I do now for stretching and styling purposes. When my hair is in extensions, I wash every 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned for new product reviews and any changes to my routine.

Nichole Naomi


Nichole Naomi

I am a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, very proud Jamaican American. I am a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies. I am also the CEO of Baseline Cosmetics, where make up meets music.

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