Friday Night On The Run


I was fortunate enough to spend my past Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. Carter at the MetLife Stadium in NJ. My best friend bought floor seats to enjoy the show. For their earlier shows, photos and videos were released all over the internet, so I somewhat knew what to expect. I have seen photos of her several outfit changes, and video clips of different songs she performed.

I have seen Beyonce in concert twice before. In 2007, I went to her B'day experience tour. In 2009, I went to her I Am Yours tour. Both shows were in New Jersey. Now I must admit, I have been a fan on Beyonce (and DC) since I was 11 years old. But in all honesty, I got off the Beyonce train after her B'day album. I have always respected her career and her star power and the dollar she commands. However, I do not consider myself a Beyonce Stan at all.

The On The Run show was absolutely amazing. Beyonce and Jay-Z performed their own individual hits, plus the hits they have together. I can sit here and drool over their relationship all day long, but I'll leave that to her Stans. I will say that I do highly admire the example they set for Black love. Their performance chemistry was on point; they played off of each other so well. Her vocals and dance moves were amazing, of course, and I rapped along with every single Jay-Z performed. It was almost like you didn't know you were a Jay-Z fan until you see him in concert.

They ended the show with a home movie of their wedding, and when they brought home Blue Ivy from the hospital. The video showed birthday parties and family vacations and just all of Blue Ivy's cuteness. My favorite part of the video was when Jay-Z was doing push ups with Blue on his back, then she tried to do push ups with Jay-Z on her back, lol!!! She looks like a funny and energetic little two year old, just so perfect.

Kudos to The Carter's for an amazing show, and kudos to my friend for buying such great tickets. This is my third concert so far for the year and it was definitely worth every penny. Stay tuned for more concert reviews.

Nichole Naomi

Nichole Naomi

I am a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, very proud Jamaican American. I am a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies. I am also the CEO of Baseline Cosmetics, where make up meets music.

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