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During my stay in Jamaica, Smirnoff Dream Weekend took place. If you are familiar with my blog, you know I have attended Dream Weekend twice in the past. My first time was in 2010 and I went to 2 parties with my cousin. I went back in 2011 for the whole series with a few friends when Dream was still 4 days/8 parties. In 2012, I went to ATI (Appleton Temptation Isle) which was 4 days and 7 parties. That same year, Dream decided to extend to 6 day / 10 parties. That extension also came with a hefty price increase that I was not willing to pay. Last year, I went to RTI (Rumbar Temptation Isle) which is the cheapest option of the 3, but fun beach parties none the less.

This year Dream Weekend took place on August 1-6 and the wristbands were $250 USD. Since I left on Sunday, I only attended the Friday and Saturday events. Friday was Beach Rave and Twisted Spirits. Saturday was Daydreams All White and Yush with a performance by Baby Cham and Bounty Killer. The total cost for all 4 parties was $165. The individual prices of each party come out to nearly $400 USD which is why it makes more sense to get the all access wristband. Since I was leaving, buying the band would have been a huge waste.

I went with my sister and close friend. Two of my high school friends also came down to party, but they stayed at a different hotel. I stayed at Coral Seas Beach on the strip which was within walking distance to a lot of the parties. Each party was over the top with 10,000 patrons. The first party we went to was the best one. About an hour into it, the sky opened up and it started pouring and we just kept on dancing. We made sure to get some rest in between parties so we didn't burn out. All-inclusive beach parties are always over the top high energy, and Dream Weekend was nothing short of amazing.

Nichole Naomi

Nichole Naomi

I am a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, very proud Jamaican American. I am a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies. I am also the CEO of Baseline Cosmetics, where make up meets music.


  1. Nicole, you going to Dreamweekend in 2015?

    1. Ok, I purchase mt ticket a few days ago. Will book flight and hotel in Jan. First time attending Dreamweekend.

    2. that's good, you're early lol you're gonna have the time of your life

    3. I miss the early bird special. The VIP ticket I purchase was $450. After those sale out its going to be $650. Atleast this is what the dreamweekend site says. Nichole, you better get your ticket now.