Lipstick Showdown: MAC vs. Urban Decay

I have been a huge fan of Urban Decay since I was in high school. Now that I am older and can afford their lipsticks, I went all out. The UD Lipstick Revolution lipsticks retail for $22 and I bought at least 10 of them (and gave so many away). However, to cut back on the splurger in me, I also indulge in MAC lipsticks which we all know retail for $16.

I tend to steer more towards either skin tone nudes or plum/wine colors. And of course the occasional show-stopping red. As of right now I currently own 11 MAC lipsticks and 4 (from 10) UD lipsticks. Today's contenders are listed below.

My MAC rundown goes as follows:
Retro Matte Ruby Woo
Smoked Purple

My UD rundown goes as follows:

This post is about the similar shades I have from each brand. Now I will say right off the bat both brands don't stay on all day, but UD has longer staying power.

The verdict:

1) UD's F-Bomb
- the color is so much richer and stays on longer and feels better on my lips

2) MAC's Plumful
- it's a glossier smoother texture plus the color shows up on my lips nicer

3) UD's Shame
- it doesn't leave bits on my lips and has a richer color payoff

4) UD's Venom
- my go to lipstick for any daytime or night time look, always the perfect color to go with any eye look or alone.

Tell me what your favorites are.....

Nichole Naomi

Nichole Naomi

I am a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, very proud Jamaican American. I am a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies. I am also the CEO of Baseline Cosmetics, where make up meets music.

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